Wie man geld mit laiks verdient.

wie man geld mit laiks verdient

Nicola Danti, relatore per parere della commissione per il mercato interno e la protezione dei consumatori.

ende der binären optionen

Il bombardamento mediatico di questi giorni ha di nuovo tentato di sviare l'attenzione dalla vera portata del voto di oggi. Dietro le fake news di questi giorni si nascondono invece interessi precisi di chi vuole che la rete continui ad essere un far west dominato da poche e grandi piattaforme.

wie können sie mit dem geld anderer leute geld verdienen?

Mariya Gabriel, membre de la Commission. Ale czy maszynowe filtrowanie rozpozna niuanse? Pavel Svoboda, za skupinu PPE.

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We all had one great objective in mind: to help authors and performers, but in the end we failed to strike a balance between the rights of all the parties involved. This is a big mistake.

einnahmen aus fernarbeitsaustausch

Therefore, the only choice we have now is to delete Article This is the minimum necessary to make this Directive less devastating for the European digital companies and our citizens who already demonstrate against this in the majority of capitals across the EU.

The mandate we had from the European Parliament clearly protected and excluded the European small and medium-sized enterprises from the scope of Article Unfortunately, this is no longer the case. Therefore, these SMEs will be wie man geld mit laiks verdient to buy expensive filtering technology, at the moment produced only by American giants.

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In the current text, all commercial websites and apps that allow users to post content will have to make best efforts to buy licenses for anything that the person may possibly upload in the future. The President cut off the speaker President. There is a blue-card request from Mr Rohde, but Mr Rohde you have speaking time so perhaps you could address it in your speaking time.

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Now colleagues, my priority throughout has been to make sure that rightholders and creators continue to make a living in the creative industries and that their exclusive economic rights, including communication to the public, were protected.

This was essential, given the emergence of new business models and platforms, which has led to an un-even playing field.

And the list goes on, and in particular the flexibility that we have been able to maintain for Member States is essential and there is not going to be any general monitoring of users.

So, despite what some platforms have tried to persuade the general European public of, that has been nothing but an exercise of misleading and misinformation and this Parliament will push back against that type of exercise.

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