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The very idea of drones has been around for over a century.

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Do you know that the first drone unmanned aerial vehicle was created almost years ago? Both species use different technologies and have different potentials, but are equally considered drones.

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So in this article we will designate them with one term Drones or UAVs. Air Gyroscope by Leonardo Da Vinci Leonardo Da Vinci designed the so-called air gyroscope inan aircraft that had the ability to hover above the ground, shown in Figure.

The aircraft had a diameter of five meters and the top axle was welded by turning the shaft.

• 1782: Unmanned Balloons Filled With Explosives

Using sufficient force, the spacecraft flew. You may conclude that drought drove long before the first aircraft that carried the pilot.

The main reason for this was the safety, but also the increase in the weight of the aircraft with the additional load in this case by a man, for which the aircraft would need to create more buoyancy in order to achieve flight.

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The diameter of the supporting shell was 3. The ball stayed in the air for about 10 minutes, while it rose to a height of almost meters and flew over a kilometer.

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A start was made, and the brothers thought about the development of the project. The second launch became more spectacular: a basket was attached to the ball, in which the first passengers of the drone fit: a ram, a duck and a rooster. The flight lasted 8 minutes at a distance of about 4 kilometers.

Afghan officials said at the time that he was holding secret peace talks with the Afghan government and accused Pakistan of arresting him to sabotage or gain control of the process. Others said the U.

Balloons, later called airships, played a large role in the history of aviation, but it was drones that became a real find in military affairs.

The first records of the use of drones date fromwhen the Austrians attacked Venice with unmanned balloons filled with explosives fired from a battleship.

Although several balloons reached their destination, the rest of the wind blew back across the Austrian lines.

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During the American Civil Warnortherners tried to use balloons with incendiary bombs in the hope that the wind would carry them behind enemy lines where they were to cause fires. Attempts were made during the 20th century.

During World War II, Japan released balloons, trying to harness strong currents at high altitudes in the hope of reaching the shores of America.

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It is stated that these missions, with free-flying balloons, were half successful. Sperry invented the first automatic gyro stabilizer, which allowed the aircraft to keep the balance forward Flight, the unmanned aerial vehicle was born.

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This technological achievement successfully transformed the U. The Sperry Aerial Torpedo flew 50 miles with a pound bomb, but it never um geld im internet zu verdienen in actual combat. The aircraft began to climb too fast and unplanned, eventually collapsing.

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After the test flight, there were more flights, mostly unsuccessful and due to its unreliability, The Bug was never used on the battlefield.

According to the name itself, Queen Bee has led to the use of the term drone for all drones, especially radio-controlled drones. The invention of the Queen Bee allowed the binäre optionen mit signalen von 10 to return to the take-off point, making the technology more practical.

The queen Bee has a maximum flight altitude of 17, feet about meters and a maximum speed of miles per hour about kilometers.

Drones were then used in major battlefields to perform reconnaissance missions.

However, because the technology at the time was relatively backward and could not complete the task well, it was gradually neglected and even abandoned by the military. The Americans turned to the development of air rockets, also known as air torpedoes.

In addition to the development of aerial missiles, a man called Reginald Danny was assigned to develop the drone and was awarded a contract with the United States Army and promised to deliver um geld im internet zu verdienen of drones to operate on radio frequency control.

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