Binärfehler dekodieren.

binärfehler dekodieren

Life[ edit ] Levenshtein graduated from Moscow State University inwhere he studied in the faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics. After graduation he worked at the M. V Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics. Publications[ edit ] Levenshtein, V. Levenshtein, On a class of systematic codes, Dokl. Levenshtein, Application of Hadamard matrices to a problem in coding theory, Problems of Cybernetics, vol.

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Levenshtein, On some properties of code systems, Dokl. Levenshtein, Self-tuning machines for decoding messages, Dokl.

binärfehler dekodieren

Levenshtein, On the inversion of finite automata, Dokl. Levenshtein, On the stable extension of finite automata, Problems of Cybernetics, vol.

Levenshtein, On some coding systems and self-tuning machines for decoding messages, Problems of Cybernetics, vol.

Levenshtein, Binärfehler dekodieren automata invariant with respect to the initial state, Problems of Cybernetics, vol.

binärfehler dekodieren

Levenshtein, Binary codes with correction of occurrences, inserts and symbol substitutions, Dokl. Levenshtein, Binary codes providing synchronization and correction of errors, Abstracts of short scientific reports of the International Congress of Mathematicians, Section 13, Moscow, Levenshtein, Asymptotically optimal binary code with correction of occurrences of one or two adjacent characters, Problems of Cybernetics, vol.

Levenshtein, On the redundancy and deceleration of separable coding of natural numbers, Problems of Cybernetics, vol.

binärfehler dekodieren

Levenshtein, Elements of coding theory, In the book. Discrete mathematics and mathematical questions of cybernetics, Nauka, Moscow, Levenshtein, On the maximum filling density of an n-dimensional Euclidean space with equal balls, Matematicheskie Zametki, 18, 2, VI Levenshtein, Methods for obtaining bounds in metric problems of coding theory, Proc. Kabatiansky, V. Levenshtein, On boundaries for packings in n-dimensional Euclidean space, Dokl.

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Levenshtein, Bounds for the maximum power of a code with a bounded modulus of the scalar binärfehler dekodieren, Dokl. Levenshtein, Borders for packaging of metric spaces and some of their applications, Problems of cybernetics, vol. VI Levenshtein, Perfect deletion-correcting codes as combinatorial designs, Proc. VI Levenshtein, Bounds for self-complementary codes and their applications, in Eurocode Springer-Verlag, Wien-New-York, Theory, vol. VI Levenshtein, Packing and decomposition problems for polynomial association schemes, Europ.

binärfehler dekodieren

Combinatorics, vol. Fasekas and VI Levenshtein, On upper bounds for code distance and covering radius of designs in polynomial metric spaces, J.

binärfehler dekodieren

A, vol. Helleseth, T.

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Klove, VI Levenshtein, and O. VI Levenshtein, Reconstructing binary sequences by the minimum binäre optionen die uns handeln of their subsequences or supersequences of a given length.

Proceedings of Fifth Intern. Workshop on Algebr.

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Coding Theory, Sozopol, Bulgaria, June 1—7, VI Levenshtein, Lower bounds on crosscorrelation of codes. Binärfehler dekodieren on Spread Spectrum Techniques and Appl. VI Levenshtein, Split orthogonal arrays and maximum independent resilient systems of functions, Designs, Codes and Cryptography, vol.

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