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Die Realitt des Imaginren Architektur und das digitale Bild Architektur und das digitale Bild 5 Jrg H. The Image of the s K.

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Gehry S. Infifty years after the opening ceremony of the Dessau Bauhaus building, the first International Bauhaus-Colloquium took place in Weimar as a conference of re- searchers in the field of Bauhaus history.

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From that early beginning the Bauhaus Collo- quium without doubt was the largest and most influential architecture conference in East Germany. And it was an exceptional East-Western meeting place. Inthree years after the collapse of the wall and the decline of the gdr, we started once again the Bauhaus-Colloquium in Weimar, the 6th one. Impressed by the unveiled pathology of political systems and with Nietzsche in our mind, the Collo- quium reflected on the relation of Architecture and Power.

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Inunder the headline Techno-Fiction, we thought about the invention of technological utopias, mainly the expectations for a new digital worldindeed a very topical question. In the title of the Colloquium was Global Village. Perspectives überprüft die besten binären optionssignale Architecture.

Frederic Jameson suggested that cultural globalization will construct new modes of architectural production, new codes, and hybrid styles. Michael Hays told us about the smoothness and flatness of the world. In we focused on Medium Architec- ture, trying to read architecture as a medium. Trying to seize crucial questions of architecture, the Bauhaus-Colloquium rose to be some kind of a jewel in Bauhaus-University. (DE)

Step by step it became a very prominent place for theorizing architecture. In once again the world of architecture theory was gathering in Weimar at the X. International Bauhaus-Colloquium. These include the media, art, and literature theorist Prof.

William J. And I am especially glad that again we had a group of very promising young researchers in the workshops of the Colloquium. Walter Gropius was not a painter, but searching for a fundamental visual grammar of all art and architecture. The Barcelona Pavilion for a long time existed only as a group of photographic pictures, wich we took for rea- lity.

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Rudolf Arnheim told us decades ago what now is fully evident, that iconic think- ing and the use and production of pictures and iconic metaphors is crucial for archi- tecture. In short: Architecture is picture processing.

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But today, in the time of what we may call digital imperative, and under the con- ditions of global networking, pictures are no longer what they were before. Digital pictures are no longer analogy, but construction.

And this makes a fundamental differ- ence.

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And digital pictures are no longer regional, but globally present. And this makes a fundamental difference too.

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Subsequently, digital imaging is one of the upcoming super-powers videogrenze der strategie für binäre optionen the beginning of the 21st Century.

If reality and imagery implode, how are we then to speak about delusion, iconoclasm and the magic power of iconic rituals?

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Especially architecture may help to answer such questions, because it is mainly architecture, wich consists of this unique dual nature to be material and iconic, spatial and pictorial in the same time. Architecture is: stony images. And what about these authors who talk about a renaissance of the analogue against the digital? Bauhaus-University Weimar today integrates architecture, engineering, design, art and media.

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It seems to me, that the main question of our colloquium is a core questi- on for the university too. We have extended work here in all faculties about model- ling, simulation and visualization, and we plan to focus on these scientific and artistic capabilities.

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Thus after van de Velde and Gropius, digital imaging as a cultural techni- que is at the centre of Bauhaus-University wich claims to be a Bauhaus of the 21st Century. Today's Bauhaus should be a digital one, not in order to ignore the material and analogue world, but to change this world in a pervasive and ubiquitous way. Acknowledgements I would like to thank the advisory board of the conference and Dr.

Norbert Korrek, who, again like in the colloquia before, was the head of organization of the whole conference. Thanks to Junior-Prof. Oliver Fahle Faculty of Media for taking an active part in the conference. We would like to thank our partners and supporters videogrenze der strategie für binäre optionen the conference, the Ger- man Research Association, Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft dfgthe Foundation for Technology, Innovation and Research Thringen stiftthe Faculty of Architecture at Bauhaus-University, the Architects Chamber Thringen, Stiftung Baukultur, and the other sponsors.

Special thanks go to the editor Dr.


Heidemarie Schirmer and the student Michael Kraus for the hard-working collection and the accurate editing of the conference papers, now published by the Bauhaus-University Press. Thanks again to Olaf Pfeifer for translating some of the papers. I am especially grateful to Prof.

Gleiter who, for more than two years, has been deputy professor for Design and Theory of Architecture at the Bauhaus-Univer- sity, a remarkable scientist.

He wrote the preparing conceptual papers of the confe- rence and he did a lot of communication with our speakers and partners. We have been working together for a long time, and I hope to continue with this partnership. Gerd Zimmermann The Reality of the techniques. Although they developed very distinct methods of analysis, they all proceeded from the Imaginary assumption that images are more than just repre- sentations.

There is the typological approach of Aldo Rossi; there is the design method of O. Architecture and the Digital Image Ungers, which draws on metaphors and visual ana- logies; there is James Stirlings postmodern collage techniqueto name just a few.

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