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A practical example Over the years, the process of acquiring and using Bitcoin has continuously improved.

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Initially, it was a complicated process for many newcomers and enthusiasts of the community to purchase or sell Bitcoins securely and fairly via a stock exchange or face-to-face exchange. Also the safekeeping of Bitcoins was not always as easy as it is today.

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A typical bitcoin base plan and decision-making process in the acquisition and safekeeping process could look as follows: 1. Nowadays there are many different wallets, which have various advantages for Bitcoin owners.

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The differences between the different wallets lie in the storage location, the security or the access mechanisms. Strictly speaking, Bitcoins are not "stored" in a Bitcoin Wallet.

Instead, the wallets are used to store the private keys which are required for managing and sending the Bitcoins.

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The bitcoin base in wallet selection are mainly divided into 5 options: - A software or desktop wallet that is installed on the computer. These original Bitcoin clients are also known as Bitcoin Core Wallets and are used to forward transactions or bitcoin base Bitcoin addresses to receive or send Bitcoins. Mobile wallets are a better alternative when it comes to using Bitcoins as a means of payment on a daily basis.

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As a smartphone app, they act as an interface to make payments with Bitcoins in a matter of seconds. As the private keys are stored on the mobile device, security is rather low compared to desktop wallets. With web-based wallets, the private key is stored on an external server.

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Independence from the end device and constant availability of the Bitcoins is offered as a product or service of an external provider. By managing the private keys by third parties, the Bitcoin user runs the risk that he cannot guarantee the security of his Bitcoins himself and theoretically entrusts control of the Bitcoins to a third party. One of the best-known providers of Bitcoin online wallets is also one of the best-known Bitcoin exchanges: Coinbase.

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In addition to a high degree of security, hardware wallets often offer the option of storing different crypto currencies. Well-known providers of hardware wallets are Trezor and Ledger.

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It was also one of the first storage methods available. Both the public key for receiving Bitcoins and the private key for managing and sending Bitcoins are printed on paper in the form of QR codes. A unique advantage of Paper Wallets is the offline storage of the Private Keys - also known as "Cold-Storage" - Paper Wallets thus offer the greatest possible immunity against cyber attacks.

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