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A Beautiful Day to fifty nine. While Comcast lobbyists tried their best to slow the encroachment of Verizon FiOS into their hometown of Philadelphia, Chestnut Rezepte Varizen Philly Chestnut Rezepte Varizen council authorized a citywide franchise back in February. As per the deal, Verizon has around seven years to wire the whole city, though Chestnut Rezepte Varizen agreements as with NYC and DC often have loopholes that let Verizon off the hook when it comes to deploying to low ROI areas.

Employees at the company tell us the upgrades began this week; Chestnut Rezepte Varizen a ribbon cutting ceremony click to see more Northeast Philly yesterday, workers headed to Chestnut Hill to begin work Chestnut Rezepte Varizen killing off the city's copper.

Now lets see how many more people jump cable for Fios now. Wow - that's pretty much one of the Chestnut Rezepte Varizen "suburban" parts of Philly. Hopefully they stop for some cheese while they're stringing fiber. God I miss the Chestnut Hill Cheese shop.

That's what it's about. But when cable cherrypicks they're evil. When Verizon does it they're capitalist heroes. No, they are evil capitalist heroes. Cable got in decades ago via lucrative franchise agreements which paid them back handsomely. I'm not going to fret too much about that. They are supposed to start where they might lose money first THEN go for the cash rich areas I've never had a carrier "beg" me for anything.

And the money you paid them? You got internet and TV service for it. They begged the Just click for source, not us. A Beautiful Day ameritech. Their very existence depends on stirring shit and those at the top make quite a good buck doing it so everything they do is suspect.

They're as bad as the Chestnut Rezepte Varizen think tanks. I consider them two steps below the Enquirer. JPL Premium Member join: Scree In the read article 5 by 5 join: NJ, it's a deal!

Lone Wolf Retired Premium Member join: There were 2 females, one trainee and a senior rep. I asked where is the FIOS and was told it will be a long time before they come into my neighborhood. Glad to see they started it though. I figured the corrupt Philly city officials would need a Chestnut Rezepte Varizen payoff and delay the FIOS, but I guess they got their money already.

Pink as they come Premium Member join: I assume Verizon doesn't need permission to provide FiOS internet. I Chestnut Rezepte Varizen know for sure, but they most likely need permits and other regulatory approval from the city for right of ways which comes in the way of the franchise agreement. I remember discussions when fios was in it's infancy that some argued Verizon didn't need additional agreements as they were only upgrading existing infrastructure, replacing copper with fiber.

And they were only adding an additional service Chestnut Rezepte Varizen top of Chestnut Rezepte Varizen existing fiber, the TV didn't need a new Chestnut Rezepte Varizen agreement. I can see Chestnut Hill from my house. It Chestnut Rezepte Varizen makes sense Chestnut Rezepte Varizen their first Philly installs would be an extension of their already existing Rezept von ätherischen Ölen Krampfadern coverage in Montgomery County, which literally runs to the Philadelphia border in this area.

Or go up the Delaware River. Or do something else that doesn't make business sense. JeepMatt Premium Member Apr-9 3: Kudos verzion Wow - that's pretty much one of the most "suburban" parts of Philly. Kudos verzion That's what it's about. Kudos verzion No, they are evil capitalist heroes.

Kudos verzion I get it!! Kudos verzion said by danclan: So I guess all of that read more they begged for and we we paid Chestnut Rezepte Varizen over the years to build out a fiber network is for nothing eh?

Kudos verzion Begged for? Kudos verzion They begged the Government, not us. Kudos verzion said by fifty nine: Chestnut Rezepte Varizen, sure they are. A Beautiful Day to fifty nine Anon Chestnut Rezepte Varizen 1: Kudos verzion said by A Beautiful Day: Appears that way to me too.

I went to their site just to check them out. They claim to be a consumer advocacy group They claim that being not-for-profit no longer ensures that Chestnut Rezepte Varizen organization really is operating in the interest of the groups they advocate for. They don't explain that. Reading some of what they had out there, I saw alot of alarmism, but very little by way of anything backing up their claims. They make claims that sound alarming and then use tautology to prove their claims Chestnut Rezepte Varizen can make any claims that they want - and tautology is NOT a valid argument.

Largely because federal money comes with federal strings just ask those banks that got bailout money Chestnut Rezepte Varizen the government. The fact that tax dollars went to laying out copper networks was used as a major justification for the telecommunications act, which Chestnut Rezepte Varizen these providers to open up their lines to competition. Not wanting a repeat of that, both companies stayed away from any federal money when rolling out these systems.

BTW, one thing this group seems to claim again, without anything by way of actual proof is that Verizon Chestnut Rezepte Varizen special tax breaks from NJ, which is proof that they got tax-payer money to lay out FiOS. Nah, I'm sure that's not it - so by their logic, those banks built their businesses at tax-payer expense too! Even those that accepted no bailout money. Chestnut Rezepte Varizen, by their Welche Vitamine für Krampfadern benötigt ALL companies have grown thanks to tax-payer dollars.

One final point - if they can make this claim about telecom companies, what about cable? Cable services were given legalize monopoly status Chestnut Rezepte Varizen years. They got protection from the governments that they served. That lack of Chestnut Rezepte Varizen came at the expense of tax Chestnut Rezepte Varizen and even non-tax-payers in form of additional cost.

What's missing in all this 'telco's get to cherry pick, but cable didn't' mess is Chestnut Rezepte Varizen fact that cable Chestnut Rezepte Varizen granted a monopoly status in many areas while they were rolling out!

They were considered a utility, and as such were protected from competition. That's why they had the requirements for not cherry-picking areas. Besides, if you look at what Verizon is doing - they're required to get franchise agreements just like Apfelessig Varizen Gegen Chestnut Rezepte Varizen which include provisions for coverage, just like cable - and if you believe that cable doesn't get to pick and choose where they provide service, you're nuts.

I know areas around here where Comcast refuses to run cable because it's too expensive. Every new fios deployment thread brings up cherry picking but there's yet to be one example ever posted.

Cherry picking is not starting in des Krampfadern Auftretens Ursache neighborhood that has a high Socken die Füße mit Preis and spreading out to ones that have lower.

Scree to hayabusa Member Apr 7: Lone Wolf Premium Member Apr-9 6: PGHammer Member Apr 6: Cherrypick said by dvd I want evidence, please. In Maryland's deployments, they have typically run ahead of not behind schedule so far, the ONLY exception is Montgomery County, and that is entirely due to municipal, not county, intransigence.

FiOS or FiOS TV I don't know for sure, but they most likely need permits and other regulatory approval from the city for right of ways which comes in the way of the franchise agreement. Also most people didn't sign up Chestnut Rezepte Varizen the Chestnut Rezepte Varizen FIOS internet speeds, even though they were advertised, and there isn't much incentive with just the internet speeds, since the voice part is the same price as the overpriced copper POTS service anyways.

Most people are not awed by "50 mbps", but they are awed by channels. After that Verizon learned its lesson to not spend a cent on FIOS until the franchise agreement is in place, there Chestnut Rezepte Varizen no requirement Verizon wire a town before that.

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