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A hot tub is a large tub Varizen des Jacuzzi small this web page full of water used for hydrotherapyrelaxation or pleasure.

Some have powerful jets for massage purposes. Hot tubs are sometimes also known as spas or by the trade name Jacuzzi.

In contrast to a typical bathtuba hot tub is designed to be used by more than one person at a time, with many models accommodating four people. Hot tubs are usually located outdoors, although they Varizen des Jacuzzi be installed indoors. Also, the water in a hot tub is not changed with each use, but is kept sanitary using methods similar Ulcus cruris für Behandlungen those used for swimming pool sanitation.

The earliest hot Varizen des Jacuzzi were calderas in which hot stones were placed to heat the water. In ancient Rome there were three types of baths: The practice of bathing was so engrained that the Roman legions, during their long occupations in foreign lands, built their own baths at mineral and thermal springs in the newly conquered lands. Examples are found all over Europe.

After the fall of the Roman Empire in and the rise of Varizen des Jacuzzi, cleanliness was abandoned Varizen des Jacuzzi the Church considered that the practice of bathing a prelude to forbidden behaviour. In the s hot tubs began to appear in the USA, inspired by Varizen des Jacuzzi Japanese ofuro. Hydrotherapy pumps were introduced by Jacuzzi. Fiberglass shell hot tubs appeared around and were soon superseded by cast acrylic shells.

Varizen des Jacuzzi tubs are usually heated an electric or natural gas heater, though there are also submersible wood fire hot tub heaters, as well as solar hot water systems. Hot tubs are also found at Varizen des Jacuzzi article source springs ; in this case, the water may be dangerously hot and must be combined with cool water for a safe soaking temperature.

Effective insulation greatly improves the energy efficiency of a hot tub. There are several different styles of hot tub insulation: Many manufacturers advertise the superiority of their approach to insulation, but few independent side-by-side comparisons are available. The hot tub pump and hot tub heater represent most of the power consumption in a hot tub and vary in use of power depending on their size. Hot tub covers have been shown to Varizen des Jacuzzi most of the evaporative losses from the pool when not in use.

There are several different types of spa link. Some covers are better for insulation and therefore are Varizen des Jacuzzi on internal parts and energy efficiency. Varizen des Jacuzzi examples of covers are insulated, aluminum, rolling, or a tonneau. Since hot tubs are not drained after each use it is necessary to treat the water to keep it attractive and safe.

It must be neither too alkaline nor too acidic, and must be sanitised to stay free of harmful microorganisms. Partly due to their high water temperatures, hot tubs can pose particular health risks if not regularly maintained: Hot tubs should also be periodically shocked, which means oxidizing or breaking down organic material left behind from the sanitizer, as well as non-filterable material such as soap films and perspiration. Sanitation can also be aided by a non-chemical ozonator.

For aesthetic reasons, and for the sanitizer to work properly, water should be neither too alkaline nor too acidic low pH. The hardness level of the water, measured as the amount of dissolved calcium, is also important.

Insufficient hardness can lead to corrosion and water foaming. Sitting in water above normal body temperatures can cause drowsiness which may lead to unconsciousness and subsequently result in drowning. A temperature of 37 degrees is considered safe for a healthy adult. Soaking in water above 39 degrees Celsius can cause fetal damage during the first three months Varizen des Jacuzzi pregnancy. It is also recommended to install residual-current devices for protection against electrocution.

The greater danger associated with electrical shock in the water is that the person may be rendered immobile and unable to rescue themselves or to call for help and then drown. Between andVarizen des Jacuzzi CPSC had reports of more than deaths in spas and hot tubs, about one-third of which were drownings to children under age five.

In the same period 18 incidents were reported to the CPSC involving body part entrapment. Varizen des Jacuzzi reduce the risk of entrapment, US safety standards require that each spa have two intakes for each pump, reducing the amount of suction.

In [25] and in [26] the CPSC issued recalls for spa heaters Varizen des Jacuzzi overheated and caused fires. Poorly santised hot-tubs have been linked to a number of diseases, principally caused by facultative aerobic bacteria.

Such incidents include hot tub folliculitis and legionellosis. Bathers enjoying a hot tub in the winter in Keystone, Colorado. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Hot Varizen des Jacuzzi disambiguation.

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Waters and spas in Varizen des Jacuzzi classical world. Revelations of the Medieval World. Belknap Press,p. Retrieved 18 October Turning Up the Heat. Report Varizen des Jacuzzi for hot tub review".

Retrieved April 20, Retrieved 3 December Retrieved 2 December Retrieved 14 January Consumer Product Safety Commission. Archived from the original on 11 October Archived from the original PDF on Varizen des Jacuzzi November Archived from the original on 2 December Archived from the original PDF on 8 January Varizen des Jacuzzi part Exhibitionism Voyeurism Anasyrma Candaulism Mooning Striptease Stripper feminist stripper Softcore pornography Erotic photography Sexual objectification Clothed female, naked male Clothed male, Varizen des Jacuzzi female.

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Anregungen und Informationen über Whirlpools. Durch kluge Roboterentwicklung ist es Wellis gelungen. Ob Jacuzzi, Whirlpool oder Schwimm Spas. Mehr als Premium Marken Whirlpools. Selbst Whirlpools mit zwei oder mehr Filtern können dieses Ergebnis Varizen des Jacuzzi erreichen.

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